Music Garden

Music Garden “Piccolo”
Ages 5 – 6 years and 6 – 7 years

Where knowledge and pleasure become one

What are the basic elements of the “Piccolo” program



Every class begins with a song. Children are encouraged to use dynamic as well as appropriate and effective techniques to help in representing the meaning of the song. Every hour begins with songs familiar to the children, introducing new song repertory throughout the entire semester.

Music Theory

Music theory is based on learning the basic music terminology, rhythmic hand clapping, learning music notes through various games and implementation of beginners’ methods on the reading of music notation. Gradually this becomes a special pleasure and enjoyment, while children accomplish the reading (of music notation) and singing at the same time.

Playing the instruments

The most desirable time for the children will be when they begin to hear the sounds of instruments, which they themselves will produce while learning to play. Basic techniques that will be taught to children will give them an idea on how to start playing an instrument. Each week children will listen to teachers of our school playing an instrument. Listening to music will be present during all the time in the children's classrooms.

O how many instruments

Introduction of new instruments will help children understand that piano, violin and guitar are not the only instruments that exist in the world! Each week children will have fun, learning about a new instrument, listening to the sounds of these instruments, drawing and dancing. The purpose of this program is to help children recognize and estimate instruments, so they can be capable of choosing to play an instrument that they like on their own. We hope that the children will be delighted.

Body movement through rhythm

Part of fun, but very important work in the classroom. Body movement and recreation by means of body movement will enable children to learn the rhythm and meter. Through movements, a child begins to develop the ability for the dance and physical coordination.

What is the main goal of the “Piccolo” program?

The main goal of the "Piccolo" Program is to transmit a positive musical experience to children. Regardless of which path your child will choose, musical or another, the purpose is to encourage schoolchildren to have a general culture of music, which will strengthen their confidence and will benefit them throughout their lives. It is proven that music develops and improves children's brain. We are sure you will notice the progress in other areas of life and education of your children. This will be achieved only through entertainment and association of children with each other.

What will children of this age benefit from the “Piccolo” program?

Many children begin to show interest and to express music ability at a very young age, but are not ready to learn playing a classical instrument. "Piccolo" is the bridge between "entertainment" and "learning". In such an early age children’s brain has capacity to accept large amounts of new information. Therefore the program "Piccolo" is where the fun and learning merge into one.

What’s next after completing the “Piccolo” program?

After completion of the program "Piccolo", your child will be ready to start learning to play an instrument selected by him / her and they will have basic knowledge of music theory, instruments, composers and rhythm. After appearances in school concerts, they will also gain the confidence needed to play an instrument and to appear on stage. In case that the child is not ready to start learning to play an instrument, the program "Piccolo" will remain the most beautiful experience of their childhood.

We are committed to introducing your child to the wonderful world of music. Your child’s development and progress is our goal.