About us

Regardless to whether a child chooses a profession in the field of music, or he/she chooses to become a doctor or scientist, the purpose of our school is to offer to children an unforgettable music experience. School’s name: "Misbah & Friends" is inspired from a Kosovar pianist who for many years has believed and aimed at doing music and artistic revolution in Kosovo.

Opening of this school of such a high capacity was enabled through the great support from colleagues who, in addition to being accomplished professionals, are also brilliant teachers.

The mission of the "Misbah & Friends" school is to provide a high-level education in the field of art, so children can reach and show all of their talent and potential. The school will enable children to explore their opportunities and their talent in all fields of art.

By applying advanced and modern methods of art and music teaching, using curriculums and literature adopted from Europe and the entire World, we will open doors to children and young artists to become serious competitors in Europe and in the entire World.

25 teachers who have graduated and obtained their Masters Degrees in different European countries will convey their knowledge and do their best to advance and enhance Music and Art in Kosovo.

17 spaces equipped with instruments, dance halls and painting rooms with all the required equipment, Music Kindergarten which offers conditions for the brain development of children, children's choir with adequate space and conditions and Graphic Design with its electronic world - all of this can enable your child to enjoy a beautiful artistic experience.

School Owner
Jeta Dumnica